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Review Ultraviolet (2006): Lots of eye candy but nothing else!

genre: action, science fiction

Ultraviolet starts with comic book panels implying that Ultraviolet is based on a comic book. But this is not the case. It's not based on anything at least not officially. It could be that it's heavily inspired on the BBC series produced in 1998. Who knows? It doesn't really matter. Ultraviolet is a mess.

It's easy to blame the director but wikipedia states that both director Kurt Wimmer and lead Milla Jovovich had been locked out of discussions of the film in the editing stages. Studio interference like this never is a good thing. But I doubt that this is the biggest reason this film has failed. There are many problems with this film. First of all the story. Or lack of. There barely is a story and whatever is present is far from compelling. Violet, who is some kind of vampire, comes into the possession of some special item which could be the cure or a weapon. And others are trying to get a hold of this special package. That's the story. And actually I don't mind it much had it at least served the action. Ultraviolet is filled with action. But none of it's exciting or thrilling. Stylish for sure. Only super woman Violet never is in real danger. Nor does she have that much trouble disposing enemies. You need to have some kind of tension. It's just more fun when it seems like that every fight could be her last. Even in the worst old school Kung fu flicks they make sure that the audience knows that the opponents are tough and hard to beat. Not once do we get to see Violet struggling. We do get to see some nice gun fu. But to be honest it's nowhere near as cool as Kurt Wimmer had directed in Equilibrium (2002).

Ultraviolet does offer decent eye candy. Immense bright colours and beautiful visuals that pop on your screen especially when displayed with for example a projector like I did. But is that enough to keep you entertained? For me it was since I was watching this film for it's visuals. But for anyone else? I don't think so. You basically are going from action scene to another with very little at stake. I didn't care for Violet. Even when portrayed by Jovovich. The fact that she basically has been playing the same role for years only adds to the boredom. Furthermore there is nothing else going on. 

Ultraviolet could be enjoyable very late at night or as a demo for watching films on a projector. 

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