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Review The Hatton Garden Job (2017): Such a shame. This is average at best!

genre: crime, drama, heist

Who can resist heist movies? Especially real good ones? The meticulous planning and preparation. The cool dudes who make it happen. The twist and turns that put tension on top of the already incredible difficult task. Well, The Hatton Garden Job doesn't even come close.

It had me for a few minutes but then soon I realized that director Ronnie Thompson is out of his league big time. The story itself could have used some work but it was serviceable to a point. The cast was more than solid. However Ronnie Thompson lacks skill or talent to bring the best out of his actors. The premise itself was very interesting and fresh. How many times have you seen a bunch of old geezers trying to pull of heists? Exactly. Ronnie Thompson should have emphasized this with showing us more of their daily lives and perhaps a few flashbacks showing the same people when they were at their top of their game. It surely would have provided many laughs. Phil Daniels's character Danny Jones even sets it up quite nicely with: "....There is old school and then there is just old." But nothing of the sort. Instead we get served the usual clich├ęs so tiresome that even director Ronnie couldn't be bothered to provide decent dialogue for the actors to give us some tense moments. Speaking of which. Normally I don't have problems with English accents but this is one of the few times that often I could not make out what the actors were saying. Not that it mattered much because nothing remarkable happens as a direct consequence from those dialogues.

I expected more from a depiction of the largest burglary in English legal history. But Ronnie Thompson can't even get the basics right. Stories like these need experienced directors who know their trade. Thompson is a Guy Ritchie wannabe without any of his skills and talents. You can hardly fault the actors who do their best. Not sure about Matthew Goode though. I think there were times he didn't take the film seriously at all. In short: Don't bother with this one!

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Dale Brown said...

Thanks for the warning.

I was planning on watching this but yeah, I don't think I'll bother.

chrichtonsworld.com said...

You are welcome. It's a huge letdown.




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