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Review Planet Terror (2007): Riveting fun!

genre: action, comedy, horror

A tagline on the cover of my special edition DVD stated: " An Instant Classic ". Because it had been a while I had seen this film I wanted to make sure if it deserved that kind of praise. Now I could beat around the bush and keep you in suspense until the end or I could just confirm it. Planet Terror definitely is a classic since it is one of those films that will remain fun after multiple viewings. Actually you will find new things every time you watch it. Since a lot is happening on the screen plus a lot of actors to recognize.

The first time I watched this film it was as Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino intended. As part of a double feature grindhouse package with all the bells and whistles. Including the fake trailers, cracks and whatever else made the viewing experience complete. Unfortunately I had not seen this in the cinema but on DVD. However since now I own a projector and big screen I could sort of replicate that cinema experience. Although this time around without Death Proof and everything attached to it. And I am not lying that I was glued to the screen and enjoying every second of it. All the gross and gory bits enhanced made everything better.

If you ever have seen a Robert Rodriguez film then you immediately will recognize his style. He his what you call a hands on film maker who is involved with every part of film making. His passion and energy comes at you without remorse. He rarely gives you a moment to rest and think about of what is going on. Instead you are injected into an adventure that rarely lets up. Even when things do become calmer there are many distractions that will make you feel uncomfortable or downright gross you out. A lot of nastiness displayed on the screen in all it's glory. Somehow Rodriguez managed to make good use of the grindhouse style and make things seem incredibly dirty and shocking. But it's done in a way that it's fun and never should be taken seriously. However there are scenes where some serious and dramatic scenes shine through. 

It looked like all the actors involved had a lot of fun making it although with recent developments it's hard not to think about Rose McGowan's claims towards Harvey Weinstein and him raping her. Especially since her role in this film seemed like it was going to bring her a lot of succes. She was about to star in a remake of Red Sonja also directed by Robert Rodriguez. As you know this film never happened. And one begins to wonder if her dealings with Weinstein had to do something with that. She certainly got blacklisted since apart from some minor parts in several shows and films she never gotten the roles she truly deserved. Still she can be very proud of this film since she absolutely rocks. So does Freddy Rodríguez who is absolutely badass in this. 

From the two films (Planet Terror and Death Proof) this one is my favourite. One to own!

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