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Review Blue Thunder (1983): Insane, terrifying but excellent action thriller!

genre: action, crime, thriller

For me the Eighties were a decade that had the most brilliant films and TV Shows. It was real fun being a kid in these times since there was always something on you liked. Ranging from the most fantastic to super dramatic. The Eighties seemed to be specialised in making shows about technological vehicles like Knight Rider, Street Hawk and Airwolf. Blue Thunder like Airwolf was about a highly advanced helicopter. While Blue Thunder features the same helicopter with the same gadgets from the film the show only was loosely based on it. So if you were expecting a kid friendly film about a super cool helicopter you are going to be surprised and shocked. 

Blue Thunder the film is pretty dark and quite disturbing if you think about it. It paints a very grim picture of a future world which was far removed from the world in 1983, the year this film was made. Sadly our current world is on par or far worse off.  Since the prediction of this film has come true. We live in a world where spying has become easy. Almost every electronic device can be used to record or listen in and often we allow this too happen. Enter Blue Thunder. Sure it's an impressive ship that can be extremely lethal. However that isn't the terrifying part.  The tools it contains to listen in and record people without them noticing is what makes it scary. Scarier are the plans the government has with this helicopter. 

Officer Frank Murphy (Roy Scheider), a hot shot helicopter pilot is very sceptical of the helicopter even when he gets to fly the monstrosity. His young field partner Officer Richard Lymangood (Daniel Stern) is excited and thoroughly impressed with the ship because he probably hasn't thought it through yet. Blue Thunder starts harmless enough where both Frank and Richard are goofing off a little. But soon things escalate for them in an almost nerve-racking and super thrilling adventure they did not count on. I will spare you the details but I can honestly say that I did not expect it. Especially since it doesn't spare the audience that much. Granted some of the events are completely insane even for today's standards but the fear is real. This film basically is encouraging you to be paranoid. I also have to mention Kate (Candy Clark). She is the most amazing girlfriend ever. She might be wacky but she is loyal to a tee and never ever questions her boyfriend Frank. She supports him even when he doesn't want her to. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see this. Malcolm McDowell is in this too and like often is very unpleasant. In the commentary it's mentioned that he was terrified of flying in helicopters but you won't be able to tell this at all. The actors were required to actually sit and fly in them as if they were piloting the things. He would have never taken on the role had he known he was supposed to fly. Just shows you how good of an actor he is.  

Blue Thunder is a true gem that gives you more truth than you probably bargained for. Insane, terrifying but excellent action thriller!

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