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Review Arrow S06E14 Collision Course: Brothers fighting brothers! (SPOILERS!)

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, adventure, drama

They just took trust issues to the next level and I don't see how they are going to recover from this in a way that it is acceptable.

Both Team Arrow and previous members Wild Dog, Black Siren and Mr. Terrific have pushed the envelope of what is acceptable when it comes to your friends and allies. And despite what the writers of Arrow wants us to believe there is no good reason for this at all. Allies betraying each other is an old trope and a very tiresome one if you ask me. Because most of the times the reasons and motivations given are questionable at best. Sure the writers want to evoke drama and tension but there is only so much you can do without it backfiring on you. This is exactly what happened now. People who used to have each other's backs are now fighting each other without any hesitation or qualms and it has devastating results. How can you get past such hostility? 

End result. I am not exactly happy with Team Arrow but I now definitely prefer them over Not Team Arrow. Only Dinah has a good reason to go anyone against who stands in her way to get to Earth 2 Laurel. Rene and Curtis have no good reason at all. They are loyal towards each other and Dinah but is she loyal towards them? When she received the tip did she tell them? Didn't all of them leave Team Arrow because they were left out of the decision making and not treated as equals? How is their situation now any different from before? 

Good job writers of Arrow. You made me dislike characters I used to love. You can't abuse the trust thing too much because it defeats the whole purpose of having a team. Arrow on his own was far more efficient and effective. Members fighting amongst themselves only cripples the battle against crime. It's at a point that it simply is not that compelling. What happened to the strong villains in this show? 

The heroes in this show have become their own greatest enemies. At least do it in a way that they are still likeable. Now it's obvious who we should root for. 

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