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Review Another WolfCop (2017): Absolute trash! And not the good kind.

genre: comedy, horror, action

WolfCop was a film full of potential and promise. But writer / director Lowell Dean wasted that because of inexperience. Or that is what I thought. Now it is clear to me that not inexperience is the issue but the fact that he is incompetent.

I truly wished I could say otherwise but then I would be lying. There are very little to no redeeming elements in this film in case you were curious to watch it anyway. Let me put things in perspective for you. I watched the original and wasn't the biggest fan but I could see that with a few tweaks it could be a better film. Even spoke out hope for the sequel. Well, the sequel is here and it's like a million times worse than the original. I couldn't laugh once. Kevin Smith's cameo was pointless and not funny in the slightest. And I suspect him even giving Lowell Dean pointers since this film tonally is a lot like Yoga Hosers. I really can appreciate weirdness and bizarre things especially when that leads to interesting and compelling scenes. But here it's just annoying. I am also wondering who this film is made for. Because the comedy is so juvenile that probably only a small select group can enjoy the jokes made. Fake looking alien creatures coming out of people's stomach is suppose to make me laugh? WolfCop having sex with a Lady Wolf or Wherecat is supposed to make me go belly up? Well, there was one small moment during that sex scene where Willie (Jonathan Cherry) is talking to his little Willie (no not his penis, but his lookalike alien that came out his stomach) that made me chuckle a little bit. But that was about it. Everything else was retarded. There is very little plot and certainly no sense of tension or suspense. Very little blood or gore and WolfCop / Lou Garou isn't even the main character any more. Yannick Bisson as the villain doesn't make sense at all. No just no.

If like me you were expecting an improvement on the original then I will have to disappoint you. This is a major downgrade. So avoid like the plague!

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