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Review Demons 2 a.k.a. Dèmoni 2... l'incubo ritorna (1986): Good sequel that is more creative and clever than the original!

genre: horror

Demons 2 is a direct sequel to the first one. And perhaps not exactly in the way you would expect. The original Demons did not end so well for mankind and the world. But in the world of this sequel everything seems to be fine. However in a film that is playing on the television they mention the Demons who caused havoc and death. But fortunately for the humans did not survive. Still that doesn't prevent a certain group of people within that film to go back where all the evil was unleashed in the first place. At least I assume it did since some of the locations looked familiar. So in short the demon apocalypse never happened for real since it was just a horror movie.

The clever thing is that the sequel to this horror movie is playing within this sequel. It sounds more complicated than it is but it becomes quite clear when you watch Demons 2 for yourself. But this mind manipulation doesn't end here. However telling you about it would ruin one of the best twists of the film so I won't even go there. Although I have to emphasize that this film did it two years before this very popular Japanese film did it. And now I might have already said too much.

Like in the original most events take place in one building which in this case an apartment complex. When the demons have arrived they start wreaking havoc in the same devastating manner. If you ask me these demons are far more ruthless and evil than the demons in the original. They also manage to trap the humans so that they can feast on them. Fortunately Bobby Rhodes returns as a different character who shares traits with his character from the original. Although he seems to be far more organised and cool to deal with the mayhem. As you know he is not going down without a fight and like in the original is one of the many highlights in the film. Some other actors from the original have returned as well which was nice. Then there is the addition of a few new characters who for the most part aren't nearly as annoying as in the original. One of them is Ingrid played by an 11 year old Asia Argento. To be fair this sequel doesn't give you much time to think about what is going on since director Lamberto Bava has made sure that the pace remains fast and that there is always something happening. I thought that there was a nice balance of atmospheric horror and gore however the surprise factor that was present in the original is gone. Still this doesn't detract from the fun factor since there are many pleasant surprises that will keep you entertained. It does seem like they had a higher budget and the special effects look a whole lot better than the original.

In essence the film is a rehash of the original in another setting but with quite a few surprises of their own. If you loved the original then you will love this one as well since this is slightly superior. So another must watch for the horror fans.

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