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Review The Disaster Artist (2017): A film about following and achieving your dream!

genre: comedy, drama

Once upon a time Tommy Wiseau made the best worst movie ever named The Room. Or at least that is how the majority of the audience and critics view it. Now it definitely is one of those bad films that is so bad that it becomes good. But whether it is the best of all those bad ones I am not sure. There are quite a few of those really fun and entertaining bad films out there so will reserve my opinion until one day I have seen them all. In any case The Room has garnered a popularity unlike seen before. While this wasn't what Tommy Wiseau had intended he achieved success a little differently. 

If you haven't seen The Room then you probably have no idea what The Disaster Artist is about. I therefore really recommend to watch The Room first before you dive into this one. The Disaster Artist is based on a book written by Greg Sestero about the making of The Room. He is and was involved as an actor and best friend of Tommy Wiseau. Tommy Wiseau played by James Franco is a very mysterious character. We know very little about him and if you were hoping for this film to give you answers then I will have to disappoint you the film never even attempts to do so. Nor does the film venture into the background of Greg Sestero that much. I personally think that is a missed opportunity since it would give a much better picture of their character and why they were so adamant of following their dream even when one of them realized that their finished product was never going to be the intended masterpiece they were going for. Plus I really am curious about Wiseau and his background. It's one thing to lie about your age but not even telling where you come from is weird. In this film he often is called Frankenstein or Dracula and to be honest I am almost starting to believe that he is some kind of a vampire. His heavy accent even has a hint of that Romanian accent. Anyway James Franco does a masterful job of portraying Wiseau. The accent, his mannerisms everything. Franco as director also is kind to Wiseau as he shows him as a man who is very passionate about films and film making. He really had the best intentions. Franco doesn't neglect to show Wiseau odd views on life and people but doesn't make fun of him. In the end you will even end up feeling sorry for him since he put his heart and soul into The Room and did not get what had expected. That is very heartbreaking if you think about it. 

The Disaster Artist is not a non stop laughing riot but it is filled with scenes where you will burst into laughter. Especially when you see the re-enactments of the infamous scenes played by different celebrities. Franco managed to get a whole cast of famous actors to play in this film and really adds to the fun factor especially in those re-enactments. Because it magnifies the absurdity and badness tenfold. It really looked like that the whole cast had fun making this film. 

The Disaster Artist ultimately is a feel good film where one is encouraged to follow their dreams no matter what. I stand behind that wholeheartedly. So for me this was an incredibly enjoyable film and one I can recommend. But you really need to have watched The Room first otherwise many things will be lost on you.

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