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Review 2 Lava 2 Lantula! (2016 TV Movie): Still fun but a little less compared to the original!

genre: action, adventure, science fiction

The original was surprisingly fun since next to offering B movie craziness it also had genuine creepy and serious moment. This sequel however commits the sin of being too concious of it being a bad b movie and kind of detracts what made the original such a blast. 

The spider action and spectacle still is what offers the most entertainment but it looked like they were on a tighter budget this time around since there is less of it. If not then I really am wondering what they did with the money. In any case Colton West (Steve Guttenburg) is back to fight these monstrous lavalantula's only this time he is far too aware and doesn't take anything seriously. And believe it or not it hurts the fun factor considerably. He constantly is playing the though guy from his films instead of just being Colton West, a real hero. Actually now I think about it. They should have made this sequel like it's one of those films Colton West stars in. Have him play that though guy and do all kinds of impossible things his character is known for. Michael Winslow is criminally underused. Next to making 10.000 noises he also is funny. There is a running joke where Colton says they should split up and Marty has problems with it. They never show what happens to him when he is on his own. If they would have put in that effort then Marty's reactions would have been so much funnier. I also don't understand why Colton and Marty aren't shown having conversations. They are supposed to be bed buds. They have real good chemistry together but what use is that if you don't do anything with that. 

Then there are the lame jokes and references regarding Florida. Alligator Dundee? Really? Miami Vice? The Scarface one came out of nowhere which did make me chuckle a little. I don't know. It's not that I don't appreciate these kinds of jokes. I do. But you really have to do something with them to make them funny. Otherwise it's just a reference. Seems to me that director Nick Simon lacks vision and the skills to make genre films like this. He dabbled into the thriller genre with The Girl in the Photographs and failed. Perhaps he knows how to make them visually speaking but that is about it.

Luckily for him the original appeal sill holds up. It never gets tiring to see the spiders in action and do their thing. This could and should have been a franchise like Sharknado but for some reason the third part hasn't been made yet. And it doesn't look like it's coming any time soon. That is a real shame. We want more. We want more....

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