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Review Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989): Jason goes sightseeing!

genre: horror, slasher

The title is a little misleading since Jason only is in New York for twenty minutes or so. Most of the events take place on a cruise ship. Does this really matter? Not really. I mean wherever he is you know what he is going to do. If only Jason had another hobby. 

I am aware that most people classify this part as the worst in the franchise. And yes not going to deny that this is pretty bad. But it does have some moments that redeem the film and therefore I put this higher than Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Although if you have never seen this film you should be prepared for it's badness. First and foremost this film implies that New York is going to be in trouble while apart from a few thugs he has no interest into killing New Yorkers/ Say what? Jason not in the mood to kill? Well, apparently even Jason seems to be working on the clock and in order to get the main characters quickly he spares some teens by showing his face. It's one of the few scenes where it's shown that Jason has a sense of humour. Before you get all excited these moments are real rare and that most of this film is intended to be serious. But I can assure you that you will laugh more than that you will be scared or thrilled since Jason and his victims are pretty predictable in the way they act. And again the dog in the story is the smartest one yet. He doesn't waste a time to flee and stay away until it is safe to return.

This is the first Friday the 13th film that takes place far away from Crystal Lake. It doesn't make a lot of sense for Jason to leave his beloved home but I guess even he was in dire need of a change. Together with Jason goes to Hell and Jason X these are the most ridiculous titles in the franchise where it is asked of you to enjoy them for their badness which is not that hard to do since they are quite outrageous. 

Overall this is a decent title if you keep your expectations low. It definitely will not scare or thrill you however it will entertain you with a few oddball moments. 

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