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Review American Made (2017): Incredibly enjoyable from start to end!

genre: crime, comedy, drama, biography, history, action

American Made is a very fast pacing film that throws a lot at you but because of that it stays strong throughout and you won't even notice that a lot of other elements have been skipped on.

First and foremost American Made is all about the story. If you are already familiar with the topics brought to light in this film then you could view this as another perspective on it. It gives you an idea of how some events were carried out in practice. One of the things pointed out are the myths of how drugs for example are smuggled in. There is this belief that normal random people carry it with them where the chance of them getting caught is very high. Naturally they attempted it but obviously they failed. Drug dealers especially the higher ups are incredibly clever and creative. It's a fact that most drugs come in from shipping and through employees of airports. In The Netherlands there was a crime reporter who had shown how easy it was to get in with all kinds of illegal and dangerous stuff coming through personnel entrance. To make matters worse some of these employees are the same ones tasked with searching and checking passengers for illegal substances and more. Anyway American Made gives you insight in these practices and then some. 

Most importantly is the fact how large the role of the government and the C.I.A. has been in the drug trade. By now this is mere fact and if you are still someone who denies this is delusional. Unfortunately it doesn't stop there. Both the American government and C.I.A. have been involved with practices far shadier than the drug trade. At least that is what this film is implying. I have no doubt there is more truth to this but of course it is one of those matters you can only speculate about. But if you give it some thought it won't be as far fetched as you think. Even when the film depicts some occurrences that undoubtedly will be unbelievable  and hilarious. American Made is based on a true story but of course you will have to take most of it with a grain of salt. In this link you can check what is true and what not. But unlike other films based on true stories it doesn't detract from the viewing experience. 

The light comedic tone and Tom Cruise make you want to believe all that is happening and you find yourself rooting for someone who had a large part in the MedellĂ­n cartel. You will witness Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) interacting with figures like Pablo Escobar and Jorge Ochoa in a way that is completely fascinating. However this tone and reliance on sticking to a summary of the story leaves very little room to explore the darker and more serious sides to the tale. You won't get real insight what kind of a man Barry Seal really is. Just the ones that make him likeable. Thing is that you will hardly notice this since the film moves so fast you don't time to realize any of this only after you have watched it. 

Overall American Made is an incredibly enjoyable film from start to end. What more do you want?

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