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Review Wind Chill (2007): Could have been terrifying!

genre: thriller, horror, drama

A girl, unnamed, played by Emily Blunt and a guy also unnamed played by Ashton Holmes share a ride home for the holidays. Instead of doing the logic and sensible thing the guy turns of the main route because he knows a short cut. The girl tells him to go back to the highway but he refuses. What can possibly go wrong? At one point hey almost get hit by a car and swerve of the road and get stuck. They are stranded and girl is not really trusting of guy since he knows a lot about her but she doesn't know anything about him. And to make matters worse dark figures are randomly appearing who seem very off.

Normally I avoid telling people to watch trailers since they spoil too much. In this case it's one that teases and will make you excited for this film. So please do watch it before you continue with reading this review.

The trailer gave me an impression that we were in for a thrill ride of scares and twists or at least psychological terror. I know not to rely on trailers as they often are misleading and sensationalised. Still it sometimes can channel the atmosphere to the viewer. And in that regard the start of the film does deliver on what is promised. Until the scene where the car is immobilized and the main characters get stranded in the middle of nowhere. What should have been the start of a chilling experience becomes a dull and unimaginative chain of small events. The biggest problem I had with Wind Chill that there was no real threat or dread present. The characters have a lot of opportunities to leave the car and walk back to the civilized world. But they never do. They are not restricted by anything other than the cold. (I know that some will disagree, but I am purely judging on what is shown in the film.) Without real danger and creepiness Wind Chill never gets scary. Isn't that what a film like this is supposed to do? On the plus side the performances by Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes are quite good. I wished I could say the same about the plot and the film.

Wind Chill had the potential to be compelling and terrifying but for some reason director Gregory Jacobs (Magic Mike XXL) wants to evoke something else. The mystery certainly isn't that interesting nor the horror elements that are in service of that story. Love story perhaps? Maybe there are people who can find the romance in the dynamics between guy and girl. Although realize that you are just one step away from being a creep yourself since the whole way guy went about this is downright wrong. 

Overall Wind Chill is a very disappointing affair and not beautiful in the slightest. I have read some comments and reviews where people were claiming that. There is nothing beautiful about forcing a love relationship that does not exist and certainly if it leads to unnecessary accidents and dangers. So don't buy into these positive reviews. 

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