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Review Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984): Jason dies......again!

genre: horror, slasher

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter recaps previous events of the first three parts and then starts where part III left off. People are dead certain (pun intended) that Jason is a goner. Deader than that. Of course we know better. If only the people in these films would be a little more paranoid and cautious. Then again we would not be able to enjoy those delicious murders. So hack away Jason!

I wished I could say that I liked this one but I would be lying. Part III already went a direction I was not liking that much but it still had some redeeming factors. But this supposed final chapter has very little to offer. Other than Corey Feldman, Crispin Glover and a very nice death scene at the end. There is no tension or suspense. Apart from one death all the other kills were unimaginative. I didn't really care for these characters that much. They weren't annoying but I think it was the first time in this film series that I wanted Jason to hurry. But he took his sweet time. Guess Jason was getting bored of doing the same thing over and over again. Or he too hoped for a better plot. The two stand out performances are from Crispin Glover and Corey Feldman. But did that elevate this part into a better viewing experience? Not really. 

For some reason a lot of people think this is better than the first three in the franchise. I am trying to figure out why that is. Because none of the kills are particularly effective. They might be gory although rarely to the extent where you get impressed by them. There is not much of a story where you are made to care for the characters or where Jason is hyped up to be this unstoppable monster.  They easily could have, only director Joseph Zito clearly wasn't interested. He focused on putting the teens together in one place and then it's a matter of waiting for Jason to strike with no build up whatsoever. The kills happen out of the blue and none of them contained moments where you were shouting at the scream for the victims to run away. For a brief moment it was teased that Jason finally would meet his match named Rob. Hell, at times you are even made to believe that he could be the killer and that we the audience fell for it. Especially after a real ridiculous scene that involves him. I would have applauded that. It would have been awesome. But no, Zito didn't care for that. Perhaps it's the increase in sex and nudity that resonated with the fans. Sure the ladies are attractive and hot but despite that I was not bothered by their demise unlike the victims in the first three parts. Then there is the fact that Zito loves people and animals jumping through windows. There is one shot where Tommy's dog Gordon spectacularly jumps through a window to never been seen again. I'd like to think he was getting so tired of this crappy movie and he decided right there and then to take off. Or he was so compelled to show what real good acting was by demonstrating it. " I hope you are doing well Gordon. You easily were the wisest of them all. "  

The conclusion shows us the most final moment of Jason. At least until the fifth film. The way it was done could be a nod back to the second where Ginny uses psychology on Jason. However whereas it made sense for her to do that it doesn't here. I am very willing to believe that Tommy was a genius. But to come up with his plan just after reading some articles. Come on. In any case it is Tommy who bested Jason and it's implied that Tommy has become evil himself. This ending was so random and preposterous that it felt like they made it on the spot. Maybe Feldman looked like this and then Zito thought that he could use it which he did. In any case the real highlight is the gore in this scene. Very scrumptious. 

Overall I was bored out of my mind. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep right after. I had intended to watch more Friday the 13th films but were unable to do so since this film sucked out all the energy out of me. I hate to say it but this part was not good at all.

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