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Review Blindspot Season 2 finale Lepers Repel: Completely bonkers! (spoiler free)

genre: crime, action, mystery, thriller

Blindspot already had a premise that was pretty out there to start with but as the show went on it featured twists and turns that on occasion put Lost and Alias to shame. Not because they were weird or bizarre but mainly since the show is trying to make it seem all of it is very probable and realistic.

And in the last two episodes of this series they took everything to a whole new level that was immensely cool and fun on the one hand and totally preposterous on the other. Luckily what made me appeal to the show is still very much in tact and you will find me very willing to keep tabs on Blindspot. Although I have to say I am somewhat skeptic in what kind of direction they are going to take it. Biggest issue I have is that it looks like they went for a twist for the sake of having a twist. In my opinion that is never a good thing. Because that implies that you want your audience to compel in ways that are artificial instead of writing good stories. Still despite the craziness before the writers always made sure we still could appreciate and relate to the characters. Jamie Alexander's character especially is someone you want to side with all times. Ever since I got introduced to Jamie in Kyle XY she has had the ability to make even the most dangerous and evil characters give a human side. Sullivan Stapleton basically plays a character he is very familiar with in Strike Back but it has to be said that unlike in Strike Back he is far more serious and righteous. I personally prefer him as Damien Scott.  Archie Panjabi was a good addition as Nas and hope she makes a return in the third season. 

This season finale has to be taken with a grain of salt and not be pondered about long after. It's one of those finales that you are supposed to be forgetting about since it does demand you to focus on what is to come and not what has been while not entirely closing off the past. I personally don't like it when flashbacks are forced upon the viewer and it certainly seems like that is going to be a thing so you better strap yourselves and be prepared. 

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