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Review Bloodsucking Bastards (2015)

genre: comedy, horror

Bloodsucking Bastards (BB) offers what I hoped The Belko Experiment would give me. Unfortunately that one was all serious and no play. While BB is more the comedic type it does give a nice spin on vampires and they certainly are the deadly kind unlike those glittery ones.

I liked how BB is more like Office Space (directed by Mike Judge) with a little horror element than a horror film set in an office space like environment. It genuinely is funny and with the added supernatural element it's even funnier. A big reason for that is the fact that you get to know some of the characters and all their little quirks and ordeals. They all have some flaw or issue that makes them likable. Main character Evan (Fran Kranz) for example is very ambitious and works very hard to get the promotion he thinks he deserves. But his boss Ted (Joel Murray) seems to think otherwise. Even if you never have worked in an office you can relate to him since most people have had such an experience. On top of that Evan also is very flawed when it comes to relationships. Another aspect we can relate to. Tim (Joey Kern) seems to take advantage of the good natured Evan. Normally that would make me dislike him. However despite his laziness and other bad traits he is good friend to Evan so I was willing to give him a pass. The devil is in the details they say and they are right. It really helps make the events more compelling and gives it that something extra next to the whole vampire thing. It's obvious that the entire cast were having a blast and didn't take everything too seriously while never making it seem that way. The main characters do give off the vibe that they are in quite the predicament. And that makes it super fun for the viewer.

BB is a small film with a low budget and most of it is set in one building. But they make the most of it. When things start to pop they aren't afraid to show it off only don't expect BB to focus on the vampire slaying. Bloodsucking Bastards is very much worth your time and is only 86 minutes. How can you pass that up?

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