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Review Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017): Adequate but feels like a filler episode of an ongoing anime series!

genre: animation, action, adventure, horror

For once I wished people would bring their A material when making these movies. Whether it is live action or animation I want a movie that captures the essence of the first games where less was more and where fright and atmosphere was king. Sorry to say but Resident Evil:Vendetta came close but not nearly enough.

Vendetta doesn't waste time to tell you what's going on and who the main players are in the story. This introduction is surprisingly effective and scary. So much so that I really was looking forward to see more of the same. Unfortunately like the videogames the scary and creepy elements are pushed back to favour the action. Which would have been fine if not for the fact that the action is hardly something to get excited about. Only in a few sequences is it stylish and enjoyable. For the most part it's pretty average and pointless. Often I felt like that had this been a game I would have appreciated it more. Because at least then I would have been given control and something to do. Now there was not that much to follow story wise and character wise. Like I said if the whole film was similar to the intro then this easily would have been the best Resident Evil movie to date. Then why on Earth did they drop the ball on this one? Actually why did they release such an average film? Maybe it's to keep the franchise alive or they truly thought that this is the one that will appease the fans. And who knows it might. Favourite characters Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield are the stars so that already is a big plus on the Hollywood versions. But the lack of dangerous and evil villains like Albert Wesker is a major downer. Instead we get Glenn Arias who does have some creepy tendencies. But he is a Wesker clone without the characteristics and attributes that make him compelling and interesting. His reason to attack the world is one of the most cliché ever and it's time film makers think of something else for a change.

The animation and CGI was adequate. Nothing really impressed me that much and while I didn't get bothered I can imagine some people could have real issues with the plastic face of Rebecca Chambers. I mean it's an animated character and still looks like those actors and actress who have had plastic surgery that went wrong.

If you can't get enough of Leon and Chris and the whole Resident Evil franchise then sure you probably will be able to enjoy it. But outsiders who aren't familiar with the games or the live action films will have a hard time understanding or liking this since it is assumed you do know a thing or two about the games at least. But if you were hoping for this one to be better than Resident Evil: Degeneration or Resident Evil: Damnation then I will have to disappoint you. (Of course it's been a while that I saw those and will have to refresh my memory to be absolutely sure.)

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