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Review Riders a.k.a. Steal (2002): This movie is fun!

genre: action, crime

Here a few snippets of the negative comments regarding this flick:

"OK, so I sat down, thinking this film would be an OK average film, with a original, yet not spectacular plot. Well, I was wrong. Seems the directors, writers and producers of the movie has never actually seen an action film in there life. Well, that can be the only excuse they have for ripping off at least every semi good action heist movie there ever was. The plot is predictable, the cast average and let's not even start with the acting. I've seen better in a 'power rangers' film."
"This film is completely and utterly stupid. The characters make absolutely no sense, are complete clichés, and are bound by a really funny script.... At times it feels like a spoof, though unfortunately I think we are actually supposed to take it seriously."
"A pointless, empty affair that only makes you think of other films that do it much, much better"
" One of the cheesiest movies I've seen in a long time. Overacting, no real plot, extremely bad script and directing, excessive use of special effects that have no purpose/don't make sense, the dialogue is hilariously unrealistic and not even clever."

Wow, some reviewers are way too harsh for this movie. But let me address a few of the arguments used.  Cliché. That is one of those arguments you could use for any film nowadays. It is very hard to be original these days. And yes I also rather want to be surprised. What matters though how it is presented to you. Some films make it seem they have more to offer only to find out that it was all a trick to draw you in which Riders never does. The pointless and empty argument. This is just a blatant lie. While it could be argued what makes something worth your while or the exact opposite the whole point of an action film is the action. Believe it or not sometimes that is all it takes to entertain people. In any case the people who made these comments obviously were the wrong target and should never have watched the film in the first place. 

Riders doesn't pretend be to be anything more than it is. Honestly I sometimes really ask myself what people are expecting from a movie that clearly is only a setup for stunts and action. And the stunts that are presented in the movies are beautifully done. Of course the acting is bad and the story not surprising. But boy did I have fun watching this movie. And this fun factor is not something that should be overlooked so easily. The fact that this movie and the actors don't take matters so seriously should also count for something. Since there are a lot of similar themed movies that do take themselves serious and which aren't nearly as entertaining as Riders. People craving for French action themed movies a la Luc Besson (like Taxi, Yamaksi or Banlieu 13) will have a blast watching this movie.

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