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Review The Founder (2016): How McDonald's became the big franchise we know all over the world!

genre: drama, history, biography

Ever wanted to know how McDonald's as a franchise got so huge and successful? The Founder gives us a little insight into this. Although like always with Hollywood films some details have been altered. If you want to know what is true or not then read the following article (click on image history versus Hollywood). Although I advice to do it after having watched the film.

One very interesting fact is that the founders of McDonald's were indeed named McDonald's. And that these guys basically designed everything we know McDonald's for, The arches, the efficient service system and much more. But it was Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) who expanded the franchise to the level it was now. At one point you are going to wonder if the brothers would not have achieved this same level of success on their own. The film never makes this explicitly clear. But if there is any truth to the film the brothers were a little too trusting and nice although far from stupid. Ray Kroc was a conniving and an incredible jerk. Sadly these are exactly the traits to make it big in the business world. The film does show sides to him that make you like him or at least make you understand where he is coming from. Naturally this role is written for Michael Keaton. Like always he is able to portray a real character that has many facets to him. And obviously is the best thing in the film. Only it pains me to say that while I truly enjoyed his performance and the film it never felt like I was watching something compelling. The Founder had my interest yet it never culminated into something bigger or more epic. When the film had ended it never felt like I had watched something special or that I even would want to watch it again someday. I guess the story isn't really drama material. Even if they tried to infuse it with some although truth be told the events they used only made me dislike Ray.

There is not much I can tell about The Founder. It's a solid and informative watch for sure. But not really a film that will engross you. I am happy that Michael Keaton is getting these kinds of roles again and I hope it will lead to more of them. Looking very forward to see him portray The Vulture in Spider-man: Homecoming.

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