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Review The Killing (1956): Good crime drama!

genre: crime, drama, heist

In almost every top ten of heist movies The Killing is mentioned. The discovery that Stanley Kubrick had directed this movie encouraged me even more to watch this movie. With movies from yesteryear there is always the chance that they disappoint because they are too dated or nearly not as exciting as they were at the time they were made. Am I glad to report that The Killing isn't dated at all. As a matter of fact it is quite actual in relation to people trying to earn a buck in a hard economy and taking care of your family. I loved and hated Marie Windsor as the cunning and double crossing wife of Elisha Cook Jr. She convincingly portrays a type of woman that many men have encountered today in this age. In combination with the tight and fast direction this is surely a good crime drama. However to me this wasn't a masterpiece as hoped for. But this could be a matter of taste. Or it's the fact that I am too familiar with the genre and that I am a little too hard to please. I have to give this another watch and try to see what others have seen. 

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