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Review Tekken (2010): Look at Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa's hairdo and you know that can't take this movie seriously!

genre: action, martial arts

Heihachi Mishima is maybe old but he is one big mofo who is not that easy to mess with. In the Tekken series he is the villain, pure and simple. Here he is an old relic talking about honor and peace. Excuse me,what???? It was Heihachi who didn't care about those things. He will do anything to gain and preserve his power. Kazuya indeed wanted to take over. So they got that right. But there was not one reference to the Devil Gene that the grandsons of their clan possess. One of the trademarks of the Tekken series was that each character had their own fighting style. And that each character had their own solid reasons to join the tournament. In this movie the biographies of these game characters are so messed up that it becomes hard to ignore them. You don't even need to have played the game to see that there are hardly any differences in fighting styles. Only the guy that played Eddie Gordo could show of some his trademark (Capoeira) moves. Christie is the grand daughter of Eddie's old master and also fights in the Capoeira style. None of this can be seen in the movie. There is not even a mention of a connection between Eddie and her. I could go on and on but what is the point. Tekken always delivered on action and style, but just as important is the humour. (You could kick butt as a Panda bear or Kangaroo and this is before Kungfu Panda). Besides that in Tekken they always made fun of though characters to balance things out. This movie has no humor whatsoever. It takes itself so serious that it gets real tiresome so see cliché after cliché. Ignore this and go play the games. You'll definitely have more fun.

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