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Review Get Him to the Greek (2010): Honestly I laughed real hard at a few scenes, but overall this is one disappointing affair!

genre: comedy

The introduction had me rolling around and laughing so hard that I could not expect that this movie would be disappointing. Some of the jokes were too much of the gross factor. Who are these people that think vomit is funny. It is just incredibly nasty. Russel Brand is obvious the highlight of the movie and he was as great as he was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. However for some strange reason he isn't the lead. And this ultimately bombs the movie. While Jonah Hill has some comedic timing he just isn't right as a lead. And he has no range at all. It seems he always seems to be playing the same character. Russel Brand went from hilarious to some serious acting in no time. And one other surprise is Sean Combs (P. Diddy) in a parody of himself which was quite funny. While there were some real funny moments it didn't last long enough to carry the whole movie. Comedies are meant to be fun not disgusting.

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