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Review The Forgotten (2004): It was entertaining and did surprise me at times!

genre: horror, drama, mystery, science fiction

From this film I didn't expect much. That is why it did surprise me at times. The ambiance was of a M. Night Shyamalan made horror film but where I had the big suspicion the ending would be cheesy. But I have to say I wasn't disappointed. Although a big part of the conclusion was your typical Hollywood ending is which destroyed the threat and dread portrayed throughout the film. And  if that isn't enough a part is left open for the audience to ponder about. You do have to ask yourself how much of a mystery the film can be the minute you know the NSA is involved. It makes it real hard to allow other plot turns. Since then the direction the story can go But somehow they did manage to give a spin on it. A very welcome change compared to other horror movies where people disappear in my humble opinion.  Julianne Moore acts decent, but sometimes her character really does stupid things. So much so that at one point you will be asking yourself how come she is the one who finds out things are very wrong and not what they seem. There is nothing worse than to have a main character act illogically and ignorant. Gary Sinise is as cool as ever. Only he doesn't have much to do. Every time an actor of his caliber gets underused I blame the director. I don't care what Sinise was brought in to do originally. Think of something to make him more integral to your project. 

Anyway this is one of those movies ideal to watch very late at night or those quiet Sunday's. It won't blow your mind but offers decent entertainment as much as it lasts.

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