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Review Die Another Day (2002): The film that killed the Bond we knew and loved.

genre: action, adventure, espionage

Before this film Bond could do no wrong and it was awesome no matter what. Then modern film making had to ruin everything we hold dear. Practical effects were pushed back in favour of CGI. And it lead to some real cringe worthy effects and action.

Even when Bond films were far from realistic they featured stunts with real men and real effects. And just the boldness of it all was what charmed us. Well more elements contributed of course but the action was always something you could depend on. In Die Another Day it is the action and spectacle that lets down. Sure there is no shortage of it. But is it exciting? The first time it certainly is. Perhaps a second time as well. The third and fourth time? Forget about it. While most Bond films still hold up pretty well today Die Another Day unfortunately has aged very badly. Because even for then it suffers from very poorly done CGI effects and other ridiculous ideas. I don't want to be that guy to point out the problems with a plot because let's face it most Bond films were rather simplistic of nature. But most of them were charming and compelling in their own right. Die Another Day starts off with an interesting turn but fails to capitalize on that by going from one stupid plot twist to an even more ridiculous one. So outrageous that it lost all credibility. Had they combined that with some tongue and cheek awareness then it might have worked. Except for the fact that the audience is expected to take most events seriously which simply is impossible. Trust me I tried (many times).

So are there any redeeming elements? Well, yes, there are some genuine and surprisingly funny moments that play around with the old school Bond gimmicks and that is something I will always appreciate. However there aren't enough of them to make you overlook or forget the silliness that gets unleashed onto you. And honestly had the film at least contained some real and believable action sequences I would have embraced this just as much as I did with Moonraker. Speaking of which. Moonraker easily is the most grounded one. If that is not saying much then I don't know what will.

Is this the worst Bond film in the franchise? I don't dare to say this since I have yet to re watch Quantum of Solace another time. But I will come back to this once I have done so. Honestly though I really don't feel like it since I know it is going to be painful. 

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