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Review Hidden Figures (2016): Feel good drama about a story that needed to be told!

genre: drama

Let me start by saying that despite the topic this film most of the time is subtle. It is confronting but never in a way that it's infuriating. But yes, if I was a skeptic then perhaps some of the white people are portrayed a little too conveniently evil. Then again, this is the same period where segregation was in full effect and horrible crimes were committed against many black people. Also through characters like Vivian Mitchell played by Kirsten Dunst it is shown how even the so called tolerant people were very ignorant. This is the part that often gets lost on people since their actions might not be seen as bad or aggressive. But that is what makes it so hard to battle prejudice. The black women in this motion picture do know what world they live in but they also are very good aware of their own skills and abilities. And when they need to speak up they will. But more importantly they took action when it mattered.

These days many Social Justice Warriors go in a tantrum about the most insignificant things supposedly to bring about a change that is needed. And to a point I agree. There are many things in this world that need fixing. Although I disagree on what and how. I don't doubt the intentions of all the new feminists. But I do think they have lost sight of what truly matters and do more damage than actually help the cause. In any case this film does point out certain issues but remarkably doesn't allow itself to preach that much. I for one am grateful because this way the message becomes so much more powerful. Hidden Figures is entirely focused on telling a story that not many people know about. Almost shameful that it took so long for it to be told. Still, better late than never. Of course the film takes many liberties but that is to be expected. However even if just a small portion of this story is true it still should have been mentioned somewhere somehow. I mean I have seen The Right Stuff and I can't recall the story of these women being touched upon. Especially since it is a tale that inspires and motivates to reach your full potential whoever you are. To do the impossible and fulfill your dream. 

Taraji P. Henderson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle MonĂ¡e were marvelous. Actually Jannelle was more than that since she is not that experienced as an actress. She must be a natural because she acts like she has done it for years. But to be fair the whole cast was solid including good old dependable Kevin Costner. Hidden Figures never is boring and for it's duration never feels like it's a long movie. It moves in quite a fast pace. Perhaps a little too fast since many events have been left out. But I think I understand that those might have distracted from the main story too much so no criticism from me on that front. 

I really loved this film as it was far more entertaining and uplifting than I anticipated. I expected a heavy film where certain points would be forced upon you but surprisingly it restrains itself quite a lot so it never feels like it's pushing a political agenda or some sort. And that is a good thing. So do watch this, it's well worth your time.  

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