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Review Trolls (2016): Flawed for sure but it's charming and entertaining what more do you want?

genre: animation, comedy, musical

For some reason Trolls gets a lot of hate and I don't understand why. If someone like me who is not really fond of musicals can get swept away by this film then so should you. But perhaps this has to do with people being far too cynical or simply can't enjoy the lighter stuff anymore. 

It's obvious that the film isn't ambitious when it comes to storytelling or comedy but that did not prevent me from laughing and having fun with the easy but effective jokes. An example of one of them is an unnamed troll who keeps saying OMG at the most shocking moments. Might not be original or that creative. But it was hilarious nonetheless. Same goes for some of the songs that were used. These songs did feel like they belonged. Especially the Cyndi Lauper song True Colors. It exactly depicted the emotions of the characters and the dire situation the trolls were in. That being said I do think that they might have had too many songs. Especially in the beginning did it feel like overkill compared to the actual dialogue and story that was present. Still I can imagine that someone who loves musicals has less problems with this. And I am sure that the kids will enjoy the songs as well since everything on the screen is very sweet, colourful and full of action. Trolls is gorgeous to look at and doesn't waste a minute with unnecessary plot. Not that it has that much to tell but in this case not a bad thing. On top of that how can one resist these happy trolls? All they wanna do is sing, dance and hug. And believe it or not while the film does it best to avoid darkness it has a few wise lessons even adults could learn from. So to paint this as a lazy cash grab is doing this film a severe injustice. 

Naturally it has not escaped (skeptic and paranoid)  me that perhaps the merchandising is the ultimate end goal. But honestly it is well deserved since this animated film does deliver. If they make troll dummies of that one who says OMG, I am so going to buy it. 

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