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Review Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016): Hilarious feel good film from the guy who has directed Thor: Ragnarok.

genre: comedy, adventure, drama

If you feel that 2016 has not offered you enough films that will make you burst out in laughter every two minutes or so, then look no further. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is the one film that does this and more.

The tale is about an orphan named Ricky who gets placed with couple Bella (Rima Te Wiata) and Hec (Sam Neill). The supposed troublesome Ricky initially doesn't want to be there but gets overwhelmed by the immensely sweet and loving Bella who accepts him fully with all his flaws. It becomes apparent that Ricky is nowhere near as bad as he is pointed out to be by Child Welfare Officer Paula. But then when Ricky starts to feel home, disaster strikes and runs away. I won't go into details about the story and how it unfolds, since not knowing is what makes most of the events super hilarious. While the film doesn't really spare us with harsh reality, it never neglects to make us laugh about it. There are some scenes so unexpectedly violent and bloody that automatically you wonder what direction the film is going. And that was so refreshing because from that moment on the film had my full attention. 

Of course this being a feel good film, most of what occurs can be predicted, still the jokes that are made are genuine and layered enough to give it that something extra. The film moves along in an immensely fast pace, and you won't be bored for a single second. The acting is top-notch even from director Taika Waititi who appears as a Minister. I am not a Christian but if that guy would be holding sermons like he did in the film I would be in church front row every week to listen to them. Julian Dennison as Ricky is a delight and is extremely likeable and honestly never annoying. For a kid actor that is very impressive. I really hope to see more from him. And I am definitely going to check out Waititi's other films, especially Thor: Ragnarok. Yes, you read it correctly. Taika Waititi is going to direct a Marvel film. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Because that means it is going to rock big time. 

This film is a must-watch, especially if you want to laugh non-stop like good comedies are supposed to do. Seriously, what are you waiting for, go watch this already!

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