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Review The Boogey Man (1980):

genre: horror

By accident I found this version when looking for Boogeyman (2005). The fact that this was an Eighties horror that I had not seen before was an instant reason for me to watch it right after I discovered it.

The film is an acquired taste for sure but it is far better than given credit for. However it does take some doing to get into the story that seems to be more of a psychological thriller than horror at first. But then after we get introduced to some supernatural elements that made things real interesting. Only you never quite sure what is going on exactly. Since things are shown in a way that could be interpreted in multiple ways. And in this case that vague and abstract approach is what makes The Boogey Man very effective. Normally I have a low tolerance for this kind of thing. But the approach in combination with the story is what makes this film quite fun. This is one of those movies where telling the plot would spoil and reveal too much so I won' go into it. Although I do implore that you will keep an open mind since the film does require it a little.

I do have to inform you that this film has no connection to The 2005 Boogeyman whatsoever. Nor is this based on the short story written by Stephen King. (I know that there is an adaptation of that story has been made in 1982 which I have been trying to get my hands on but has proven to be a rare film to find.) Still if I had to make a comparison I can say without a doubt that The Boogey Man is the better movie of the two. It has more of a story and there are genuine thrills and scares. Boogeyman 2005 has very little to no thrills I find appealing in a horror film. The Boogey Man also shows that practical special effects can beat CGI any day. The main draw for me was the atmosphere. It simply clicked with me. I honestly had zero expectations but was pleasantly surprised that this film had managed to draw me in. Like I said if you keep an open mind you are in for some real nice surprises. The only letdown in this movie is the horrible acting from some characters. Only it's not of a level that it will stand in the way of enjoying the film. So do give this one a shot especially if you are tired of contemporary horror.

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