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Review The Fisher King (1991): Amazing and beautiful. A true classic and one of my favourite movies of all time!

genre: comedy, drama, fantasy, romance

It's been a while I had watched it but prior to today I must have seen this films six or seven times or maybe more and have never been bored by it for a single second. If that is not a testament of how good this film is then I don't know what is.

Without a doubt this film delivers on the things that strike you deep in the heart but at the same time confronts you with certain truths that you might not be prepared to face.This movie will make you laugh more than cry but make no mistake you will cry for sure. And not because of the heart strings that are being pulled. Of course I am not going to deny that this film has moments where that happens. However I am referring to the beauty that lies deep within this movie that is filled with themes everyone will be able to relate to. These themes are presented to us by the wonderful characters played by Jeff Bridges, Robin Williams, Mercedes Ruehl and Amanda Plummer. They are the ones who truly pull you into the story and make you want to root for them all the way even if some of them are a little strange and quirky. Naturally one should compliment Terry Gilliam for envisioning the amazing story written by Richard LaGravenese. He masterfully blends many different genres together that definitely will evoke many different emotions from you. However he never neglects to make you laugh right after the harshest and most violent scenes. He is not out to shock you but seems to be more about putting things in perspective by giving us an answer to the question that undoubtedly many have asked themselves. What really matters in life?

I can't emphasize enough how beautiful this film is. If you never have seen this classic than please don't waste a second and go watch it at once. It's a movie that will conquer a place in your heart for sure. 

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