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Review The Dark Hours (2005): Not very memorable!

genre: thriller, horror

Here is a review I originally had written on imdb.com in 2006 and afterwards a little comment on it.

When I came across the title I had The Dark in mind. It had Sean Bean and Maria Bello and looked like the more interesting one. But that one turned out to be quite awful. Hence I felt eager to give The Dark Hours a chance. Surely a psychological thriller would be more interesting than your typical supernatural horror?

But I have to say that this wasn't the case. The Dark Hours does begin very interesting but ends up a very flat story. I have problems with the fact that this movie is being called a psychological thriller. For me a thriller has to do certain things to be categorized as one. It should do more than just feature a character with psychological issues. Preferably it should tell you a story with twists and turns (that aren't obvious) in order to play with the viewers mind and give the viewer something to think about. Or in the least give you a viewing experience that puts you on this thrill ride (whether it is realistic or far fetched). Especially if the ride is full of unpredictable and surprising moments. Let's be real here. Psychology while mostly interesting and compelling can be downright boring if it is too average and predictable. So how does The Dark Hours fare?

Sadly this film doesn't deliver on what is promised. It uses some nice tricks, but too much is given away very early on and you just know something is wrong with one of the persons involved. Just look at the trailer underneath where that plot element is given away. If they had excluded this or not addressed this as profoundly then maybe it would have been shocking. Now I must admit the trailer does suggest that the film is focused on terror and therefore could have been very thrilling. If only they had kept the viewer guessing of what really was going on and make you doubt constantly to know what is real or not. And to then be served with the conclusion they give you certainly would have made an impact. There are a lot of flaws in the plot which could be forgiven if real surprises were in store for the viewer. But people, the movie doesn't offer much on this front. It has some gory moments. Only not done in a matter that could be considered exciting. Despite I could appreciate the attempt to make this kind of thriller.

So what are my thoughts now? Honestly, I can't even remember the title let alone that I have seen it. Craziest thing is that I can recall having seen the more awful The Dark. I think I also should have added that a psychological thriller at least should be memorable. The Dark Hours isn't by a long shot. Now this could be one that would be perfect for very late night viewings. You know when you already are half asleep but conscious enough to follow a story. Other than that I can't recommend this at all.

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