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Review Ghost Team (2016): Very flawed but charming movie!

genre: comedy, horror

Ghost Team has some identity problems as it tries to do many things at the same time and never quite manages to excel in any of them. However there is one constant that keeps the film afloat. The characters. 

If you have seen the trailer this looks like it's parodying Blair Witch Project and those reality shows like Ghost Hunters. Louis played by Jon Heder is a little unhappy with what he has accomplished so far and tries to get a spot on this show called Ghost Getters since that to him seems like a dream come true. So when he hears about this haunted house he embarks on his own paranormal investigation with some friends and people he knows. These people are his very depressed friend Stan played by David Krumholtz, Zak (Paul W. Downs) who is hired as the tech guy, his cousin Ross (Justin Long), psychic Victoria (Amy Sedaris) and Ellie (Melonie Diaz). Each of them have their own little issues and quirks. But for the most part are likable. Only Zak got on my nerves a couple of time but even he grows on you after a while. Best and funniest thing about this team is that they take this whole paranormal investigation very seriously. Even the obviously fake psychic Victoria who is skeptic at first gets into it. And because of them you are willing to believe also. Providing some effective creepy moments where you truly are beginning to wonder if there is something supernatural going on. 

I personally had hoped that at one point they would completely embrace these horror elements and that it would become a suspenseful thrill ride full of shocks and scares. Unfortunately that does not happen. Instead we are served a twist that in hindsight is adequately done but has a more realistic approach. A tad disappointing but it then dawned on me what the film was trying to do in the first place. It is when Ellie says the following: "Look, we may not be living large lives here, but it doesn't make us small people." Ghost Team is about these characters coming to the realization that they are worth something. That their lives do have meaning no matter how insignificant they think they are. How can you not like such a positive message?

So yes, this might not be that comedy that will have you laughing non stop but there are enough moments that will have you in stitches because most of the characters are so endearing. This film might not have turned out the way I wanted it to but it still is very much worth your time.  

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