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Review Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016): Flawed for sure but it's not bad!

genre: action, adventure, comic book adaptation, science fiction

While most of the differences are negligible compared to the original there are some that make a case for the sequel being a little better than it's predecessor. I guess they finally embraced the wackiness of the first animated TV series (that started in 1987). 

And it is exactly this that could divide the fans since I think most of us were hoping the film to be more like the 2012 TV series where everything is a little more serious and thrilling. Now it's like a blend of the old, new and Bay's ideas. Although it did look like that this time around he wasn't as involved in the project as the whole film is far less loud and bombastic. (But don't worry Megan Fox fan boys. Bay has not forgotten about you and is pushing her sexiness and apparently awesomeness to the max. I must admit that again I was pleasantly surprised not to be annoyed with her presence. That being said it still feels like she doesn't belong in this film. Especially if you consider the fact that this film is aimed at a younger audience. Is it even appropriate to have her prance around in a sexy school girl uniform? However it's far from erotic or exciting as it sounds so I guess in the end it does not matter much.) For the majority of the time you could actually follow what was going on. I think we have to credit this to director Dave Green who actually did his best to tell a coherent story. As much as that was possible of course. Since let's face it this is hardly Shakespeare and most of the fun to be had is the action and spectacle. Whatever story there was present are the usual themes you see in most kids movies. This might rub some of you the wrong way but I thought it was adequately done since it did intensify the action somewhat. 

Stephen Amell as the ever popular Casey Jones is added to the franchise and he fit right in. Is he the Casey Jones the fans have been waiting for? No, I don't think so. But Stephen did make his character badass and memorable. And sometimes that is enough for me. I wasn't that happy with the inclusion of Tyler Perry and Lauren Linney. There is something about her that I can't stand. 

In this sequel there clearly is a more comedic approach to things which did not always work out so good. However I was able to overlook the bad and unfunny jokes since there were more than enough moments that me smirk. Especially the reference to that other big Michael Bay franchise. This lighter take is what makes everything so much more pleasant. After so many mixed reviews I was expecting the worst but as it turns out this turned out to be a fun viewing experience.  

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