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Review Blood Father (2016): Mel Gibson delivers and that's all that matters!

genre: crime, action, thriller

Blood Father is hardly an original or fresh film. It's one that has been done to death and doesn't really try to do something fresh or original. So what if the story is totally predictable? As long as it entertains right? 

And this it does. Mel Gibson is in top form and looking great. He looks so fit he could easily do a Lethal Weapon 5 if he felt like doing so. But he doesn't so let's get over that shall we? Mel Gibson plays a character named Link who is an ex alcoholic and ex con. He used to be an enforcer in a biker gang and because of that past has been estranged from wife and daughter. Link is on the right path of being and doing good until his daughter Lydia (Erin Moriarty) calls him. Lydia is in very deep trouble and brings with her all the things to him he is so hard trying to stay clear from. Daughter dearest is a true pain in the ass and a real wench to put it mildly. It's very hard to sympathize with her because we aren't really given a reason of why she is behaving like she does. Her whole attitude sucks and it annoyed the hell out of me. But of course father link wants to help out his daughter even if it means getting into a whole world of trouble. 

Well, Lydia also has not been entirely truthful (big surprise) about her predicament and Link doesn't think of it since he is under the impression she is an addict like he was. Had she been upfront I am sure he would have been more careful and better prepared. But very soon the bad guys come knocking and Link is forced to deal with them and flee the scene. Almost every event is predictable to a tee but I did not care since Mel Gibson was bringing his A game. And what a joy it was to see him kick ass like he did. That is what the main draw is and it was real good. Now I am not going to deny that I had hoped for a little more depth concerning the father and daughter relationship. Or that they at least had shown or given us more background on the relationship. Since now there hardly was a conflict. Only once did Link get angry because he was tired of his daughter lying to him. There was also only one scene where they showed affection for each other. These moments are not enough to give you insight about them. It would have been very welcome especially since Lydia mostly comes across as sociopath. Why is she like that? What transpired between her and the mother? Why did she leave her home? Why didn't she contact any of the parents? Did she regret it? Just a few of many questions that are raised but never answered. Then again since this is focused on action it's not really necessary to know all these things. All we need to know that the daughter is in trouble and that the father does everything in his power to help her out. It's so basic, how can't you not love that? Besides it's not all serious and dramatic. There is a healthy amount of humour infused. Especially when it comes to the friendship between Link and Kirby. Is it a coincidence that these characters are named after well known videogame characters? I don't think so. 

So do yourself a favour. Ignore the harsh criticism and just enjoy Mel Gibson's performance. He alone makes this film worth your time.

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