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Review The Legend of Tarzan (2016): Now this is what I call a magnificent adventure. I LOVED IT!

genre: action, adventure, drama, book adaptation

For some reason I was skeptical about this but I can't tell you how happy I am that I had been wrong. This film rocks from start to finish. It's increasingly exciting, full of thrills and has genuine and sincere drama. No second is wasted. No scenes that drag. Not a single boring moment. If people claim otherwise than they must have not been paying attention. Or have become too detached from the world and society socially speaking since ladies and gentlemen The Legend of Tarzan is how action adventures should be. 

Alexander Skarsgård portrays Tarzan / John Clayton with the respect his character deserves. While he might have grown up in the jungle and raised by gorillas he is far from a savage other people mock him for. In fact he is someone who is kind to many and a total gentleman through and through. Jane played by Margot Robbie is a good match to Alexander and for once the character was not a damsel in distress. She stood by her husband and friends even if it would mean endangering her own life. Then there is Samuel L. Jackson.  Is it even possible for him to act poorly?  Even in the worst of movies he knows how to shine and sometimes without even trying. I do believe he should get the recognition he deserves. (Meaning give him a damn oscar already. It's a travesty and tragedy that he has not earned one yet.)  In this film he plays a real character named George Washington Williams. A historian who reported about the suffering of the region's inhabitants of Congo.  Christoph Waltz seems to be destined to play the villain and it's getting boring. He is evil enough but he was a little too capable if you ask me. But his character Léon Rom also is a real historical figure and apparently the real Rom was even more despicable than Waltz. For example Rom had used the severed heads of 21 Congolese to decorate the flower beds of his house at Stanley Falls. Yikes! 

I really enjoyed how in this film they combined a new story with flashbacks of the old story where you get to see glimpses of Tarzan's life and basically the usual events the majority of the public are familiar with. There are so many endearing and touching moments in this film that I honestly can't understand why some people are so harsh about it. Maybe some events are too fantastical. So what? If it's done like this then I am very happy to embrace them. Realism in films is far too overrated. Besides I think pretentious and supposedly edgy directors often confuse realism with cynicism. Those aren't the same. And you know what I prefer films for their escapist values. My life is pretty real already and have more than enough hardships to endure. So sometimes it is nice to be able to go to films like this and come out all happy and feel real good. This is a must watch people. 

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