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Review Jason Bourne (2016): You thought The Bourne Legacy was the worst in the franchise? Think again.

genre: action, thriller, espionage

Say what you will about The Bourne Legacy. At least it tried to do something fresh and for the most part succeeded. However it was different from the previous movies and most could not deal with that. Apparently they did not mind that it basically was the same movie over and over again. Had this film contained half of the thrills and exciting action those offered then I would have agreed. Now it's just pathetic. 

Because for some reason all the good elements of the first three movies have been toned down. Less plot, less intrigue, less thrills and less good action. Now the plots and intrigue in the earlier films were hardly intelligent or clever. But they were always in service of the action. It made the action a lot more exciting and thrilling. Next to that it gave Jason Bourne a proper motivation to pursue whatever he felt like accomplishing. In this one it is so far fetched and lackluster that I honestly am questioning the sanity of the people involved. Especially Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass. How could they be ok with what clearly was an inferior film?  And even if I was willing to buy the more personal angle they are going for in this one it simply did not strike a cord with me. No attempt is made to make the viewer truly care about Jason Bourne and the new mission he has put himself on. If he doesn't even care then why should I? But I was willing to overlook the lack of connection and everything plot or character wise so that I could enjoy the action at least. It is here where the film truly lets down. No I am not talking about the shaky cam. That always had been part of the franchise so I was prepared for that. No despite the shaky cam the action was always incredibly exciting and exhilarating. It was a real joy to watch Bourne do his thing. That was something I never got tired off since back then they did their best to make the action look real good. Now the action sequences are edited in a way that it becomes real hard to see what is going on. In previous films there was always a healthy distance between the camera and the events so that you could take it all in. Now the camera is so close you only see the upper parts of people's bodies. Why? The hand to hand combat is also minimal as Jason Bourne hardly gets a worthy adversary. Could they not at least give him someone who forced him to give it his all and make it fun to watch for us? You know like they used to do in the franchise? It's the main reason why fans were happy to see Damon and Greengrass return. 

They should have had Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner team up. It would have been such fun to have the both of them wreak havoc. But no, that would be a fresh and original idea and we can't have that can we?  Please don't support this film and franchise anymore unless they continue the path that had been set in The Bourne Legacy. 

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