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Review Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016): I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure. Damian is hilarious!

genre: animation, action, comic book, super hero, science fiction

This animated movie starts with the Justice League fighting some bad guys and where Robin / Damian Wayne is put on guard duty and he is not very happy with that. When Weather Wizard gets taken over by some unknown entity and the Justice League are having more trouble defeating him than anticipated, Robin steps in. Even when Batman ordered him not to do so. Batman then decides to send him to join the Teen Titans so that he learns how to work in a team. While Batman has a point I don't think he is entirely fair. How will Damian learn to be a team member if Bruce keeps putting him on he sidelines? Naturally Damian would feel the need to prove or show the others that he can do the job just as good or even better than they do. Do keep in mind that Damian is a 10 year old. That is beyond impressive.

At the Teen Titans Robin also feels like a fish out of the water and rubs every member the wrong way. I found these moments to be super hilarious since whether everyone likes it or not he is very much like his father Bruce Wayne / Batman. He might be arrogant and less diplomatic he is right for the most part. Plus he is incredibly skilled and capable. And he is a fast learner like he demonstrates in a dance dance revolution contest with Beast Boy. It is also shown that despite his rough demeanour he has a heart of gold. Most of the interactions between the members of Justice League and Teen Titans were the most fun of me. The main plot was functional but not as exciting as it could have been. Although it's not that big of a deal since like with most of the Justice League animated movies it's the action that takes center stage. This one is filled with good action where at one point the Teen Titans are forced to fight some members of the Justice League hence the title. Now these sequences don't last that long which is fine since they have bigger fish to fry. Like battling Trigon (Jon Bernthal) who is more powerful than Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash combined. EEK! But don't worry the Teen Titans and especially Raven (Trigon's daughter) and Robin save the day. Like you didn't know that was going to happen. 

I don't know anything about the Teen Titans so I wished they would have given us a little more background on them. On the other hand they gave us enough to make them likable which in this case is all I ask for. I honestly was not expecting much but the minutes flew by and I chuckled throughout and mostly because of Damian. He is awesome.

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Dale Brown said...

Now this I definitely want to see!




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