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Review Batman Forever (1995): I used to like this a lot. Now I could not tolerate it one bit. It's awful!

genre: action, adventure, comic book adaptation, super hero

Up until now I only had fond memories of this film but as it turns out younger self was far more tolerant and forgiving than older self. It's no use asking myself why that was since I can't remember what my state of mind was back then. What I do remember is the U2 song: Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me being played on radio and MTV all the time and that it got me into the mood to watch the film.

Batman Forever hasn't aged well and one main reason is that the atmosphere and tone is completely wrong. It's nothing like the Tim Burton movies nor is it like the Christopher Nolan ones. Unfortunately Joel Schumacher has made them more campy like the sixties show featuring Adam West. Strange thing though is that even while it looks like it is embracing the cheesiness it does try to be serious. And this causes such a huge contrast that it is hard to establish what he was going for. As much as I like Val Kilmer I do feel that he is totally miscast. Sometimes you can just tell that he was lost or simply did not want to be there. Makes you wonder why he signed on for the role in the first place. Whatever the reason Val Kilmer is just an average Batman who hardly impresses. Then there is the sudden addition of Chris O'Donnel as Robin. Of course if Joel Schumacher is trying to follow up the sixties show then it makes sense for him to be included. But does he really make a difference? Not really. If anything him helping out Batman and even saving him makes this Batman look pretty incompetent. Then again Batman saves his ass a couple of time as well so I guess it sets them even. To be fair though I was liking the action scenes with Robin and how they at least depict him as cool as he was in the comics. But those scenes are over before you know it.

Don't get me started about the action. It is all over the place and so badly choreographed that you just want those scenes to be over already. Especially when you have Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face laughing like a jackass throughout these scenes nonstop. I don't know what he was thinking but he clearly was not right for the role. When is the last time you have seen Tommy Lee Jones laugh? Exactly. They must have given him laughing gas or something. Jim Carrey as The Riddler is pretty much what you would expect from him. It's not bad nor is it good. It's passable and let's leave it at that shall we. Nicole Kidman also doesn't belong and is almost completely useless since she only serves as love interest and damsel in distress. But don't get your hopes up regarding the relationship between her and Batman. She prefers Bruce Wayne. Well I never!

I am really struggling what to say more about this other than that it is absolutely not worth your time. But do check out the following music video that makes the film seem like it is actually good.

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