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Review The Expendables 2: Tired? Having an off day? Then watch this film and you will be feeling gloriously and ready to kill (so to speak of course.)

genre: action, adventure

Just take one look at the poster and then tell me if this film could possibly ever disappoint. How can you with such a cast? 

On a whim, I decided to watch The Expendables 2 again. And I did this on my PS4 to see if the Blu-ray player on that console was up to the task. I had been hearing that compared to the PS3, it was a downgrade. I don't know what those people are talking about, but I will be testing that more elaborately another time. For now, I can say that it plays fine and smoothly. 

The Expendables does not waste a second to start off the action, and from that moment it very rarely lets up. The non action scenes are functional and in service of the action ones, making them more intense and gratifying. Especially the few dramatic moments give The Expendables 2 an edge on the original film where everything felt like an in-joke. Of course the whole franchise is one big inside joke, but it was a little too obvious. Much less so in this one, and is therefore much more focused and an improvement on the original. This does not mean the guys are always serious. There is more than enough fun banter between the characters. And for this sequel they have upped the ante. Not only are the roles of Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis more significant, they also are joined up by The Lone Wolf Brooks, played by Chuck Norris. 

Do I really need to mention that he was awesome? C'mon son! But wait, it doesn't end here. This time, Jean-Claude Van Damme agreed to come into the franchise as well. He refused the first time around, but let's not get into the why and how. Although I do think it must have been one of his worst career decisions since it brought back attention to stars who almost were forgotten. Just being part of it would have helped him. And if there is one guy who needs help, it is him. Just look at the movies he has been making lately. Anyway, Van Damme as Villain plays the villain in case the name did not give it away, and he is doing a good job too. Who would have thought? Although Scot Adkins kind of outclasses him in that regard. He does much more in the few scenes he is in.  

I just realized that I am having a senior moment here, and that I already had written a review for this film once. But maybe you can compare the two to see if my view has changed. In short: Nope. In fact, I am thinking I feel more forgiving towards The Expendables 3. Say what? You heard me.

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