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Review Life After Beth (2014): Forget about Burying the Ex, watch this one instead. It's far superior.

genre: comedy, horror, romance

If you had to put faith in the ratings then Life After Beth doesn't fare that well. But let me dispute those low ratings and tell you that you can't trust them one bit. I know I know you never ever should rely on those but often they do give some kind of indication what the general public thought of it. And this time they are dead wrong.

Life After Beth is very good. As it managed to pleasantly surprise me many times. Mostly because of the way the film builds up. It starts out pretty conventional and gradually it starts to get wackier and wackier to a point it becomes so over the top and hilarious that it truly feels like you have been taken on one hell of a ride. The film starts out very seriously as we see our main character Zach (Dane DeHaan being devastated over his girlfriend's death. He is in deep mourning for a while and tries to deal with his grief the best he can. One day he goes to his girlfriend's house to check on the parents since they have not been returning his calls and have been acting very suspiciously. After looking through one of the windows he gets the shock of his life since he suddenly spots Beth. He gets angry since he feels like he has been duped and conned. But upon visiting the grave he manages to wrap his head on what has happened. First the parents Maury Slocum (John C. Reilly) and Geenie Slocum (Molly Shannon) want to exclude him worried that people will find out and freak out since they believe she is resurrected in the biblical sense. But seeing how adamant Zach is decide to let him in on the secret. They do ask of him to keep quiet and that he should not tell Beth that she has died since they are afraid it would only confuse and hurt her. It is at this moment when things start to get interesting. Why and how is what makes this film fun and is not something I am going to spoil for you. But I can tell you that this film very masterfully combines comedy, horror and romance in an extremely satisfying way.

The acting is phenomenal and is what will sell you on the ludicrous premise. Aubrey Plaza who also was in Playing it Cool and Dirty Grandpa shows her versatility as an actress and is incredible. Dane DeHaan also managed to make an impression on me. Much better than he did in The Amazing Spiderman 2. Actually that whole film is one giant blur. Who can honestly say they recollect what happened in that film? Exactly.

And let's get this straight. Life After Beth is far superior to Burying the Ex. It does everything that movie should have done and then some. The only criticism I want to give is the fact that Life After Beth never bothers explaining why things are happening. Normally I would find that lazy. On the other hand I wasn't really itching to find out since it managed to conclude events satisfyingly nonetheless. So take it from me that this movie deserves to be watched and is one of the most underrated films of 2014.

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