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47 Ronin (2013): Not bad!

genre: action, adventure, fantasy

47 Ronin is a surprisingly downplayed fantasy action adaptation of a famous Japanese tale. The fantasy elements are kept to a minimum and only used to validate Keanu's presence amongst the samurai. 

Also, Keanu Reeves does not have to carry the film on his own. He gets help from veteran Hiroyuki Sanada. And it is about time Hollywood realizes what a fine actor he is. Plus he is an excellent martial artist that very much like Jackie Chan is incredibly underappreciated. That being said though, the main characters lack depth and apart from some pivotal scenes we are never explained fully why these 47 men were so exceptional. A little background on them would have helped to make us care for them so much better. Also, we don't get to see the 47 Ronin in action on screen as much as I would have liked to. It is limited to Keanu and Hiroyuki. The one major complaint I have is the fact that the fights and action weren't really that impressive or exhilarating. Don't get me wrong. The mix of fantasy and martial arts was beautiful at times and adequate. (Special Mention: The CGI is used sparingly, helping to enhance the mystic and adding some mystery to the legend). But for someone who has seen it all and done better, I was slightly disappointed. Still, I did like the serious tone of the tale that is told. It helped me stay interested in the events that were displayed. 

I enjoy these kinds of flicks and can't get enough of them, however Hollywood does need to look at how the Chinese and Japanese make these kinds of movies because for the moment they are superior. 

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