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Review D.E.B.S. (2004): Don't get fooled by the cover!

genre: action, comedy, romance

When I looked at the cover I expected something like Cody Banks only now with pretty girls in plaid skirts who were training to be secret agents. And the first five minutes do suggest something like that. Until Jordana Brewster comes in. We have to assume she is a criminal mastermind that is looking for a partner, in this case a female partner. Yes, she is supposed to be a lesbian. Now there is nothing wrong with that only from that moment on it stays focused on that topic. If there had been more real comedy than I probably would have given this movie a fair chance. But it became more serious and serious and ultimately very stupid. (And yes, I did understand the whole coming out of the closet thing and how friends deal with it. Only for some reason there was a serious lack of depth concerning this topic that could have truly been a eyeopener for an audience not familiar with this subject.) Although this movie has the appearance to be intended for a male audience this movie has nothing to offer other then some semi attractive girls in plaid skirts. D.E.B.S.* is clearly meant for a lesbian audience. I do think that the director thought she was clever in fooling us with all the silliness. But without offering a valid and sincere question to the viewer that isn't lesbian I fail to understand what the point is of this movie. D.E.B.S. isn't for me. Maybe if you are a romantic you can dig this movie a little bit but even then you will wonder why you wasted 90 minutes of your life with this rubbish.

* D.E.B.S stands for Discipline Energy Beauty Strength.

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