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Review The Nice Guys (2016): Incredibly funny and compelling crime mystery buddy film!

genre: crime, comedy, mystery, thriller, film noir

The Nice Guys from director and writer Shane Black who also brought us Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and created Lethal Weapon does it again. 

This time it's Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe who are paired up. And it's one of the most brilliant things someone has ever done because Ryan and Russel have amazing chemistry together. Russel Crowe as Jackson Healy is an enforcer who basically beats up and intimidates people for money. Ryan Gosling plays Holland March who is a licensed PI (Private Investigator / Private Eye). Both of them are not your typical good guys. Actually they are pretty ruthless and immoral when it comes to earning their living. Hence the title is meant to be ironic in case you were wondering. Russel Crowe for the most part plays his usual tough guy role. But their are touches of darkness and hints of decency added to his character which makes him a little unpredictable.  Gosling as March at first seems like a very clumsy and incompetent private investigator. Gradually you will learn that there is more to him. Gosling is the one who will be providing the most laughs and has established himself as a comedic genius for sure. It is very fun to watch him in action but even more so when Crowe and Gosling match up. 

At one point I was really drawn into the mystery but I was aware that while essential it's not one that matters a whole lot. It's more like an excuse to have Healy and March pair up. The case they are working on could have easily be interchanged with another and it would not have made a difference for the viewing pleasure. So in essence the case is a MacGuffin, Yet it does remain compelling throughout especially with the addition of Matt Bomer as John Boy. Also a name that is meant to be ironic cause he is nothing like the character in The Waltons. Next to the crime solving there is quite a lot of action in The Nice Guys which was as exciting as it needed to be. And it's the kind that never shies away from showing us blood and such. 

Overall I had a real blast watching The Nice Guys. From start to finish I was completely enjoying myself and time just flew by. Which is very refreshing from most contemporary films that seem to be drawn out and drag on. Not the case with this film. So do yourself a favour and go watch this already. It is easily one of the best movies released this year and maybe even of all time. Special note: There is a character called Chet in this film who is played by Jack Kilmer. Son of Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley. As you know Val Kilmer starred in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Coincidence? You tell me.

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