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Review Command Performance (2009): Die Hard at a rock concert! / I would have rather have watched the concert itself!

genre: action

"Dying is easy. Rock and roll is hard."

Above sentence is main character Joe's reply to Venus who apparently did not get that Joe (Dolph Lundgren) was joking. Although in all fairness he never corrects her and he might very well be immensely practical and thinking of his future. This demonstrates how hight the stakes really are and why this film was doomed to fail.

Part of the appeal of these Die Hard type films is how impossible the situation is for the main characters and despite that manage to get on top of it. For Joe it's never hard or bothersome. He never complains about the odds he has to face. He never is scared or frightened. If we would not know any better this almost seems like a regular routine for him. Remember how John McClane was reluctant to be there? How he never was sure if he would make it or not? It made the viewing experience thrilling and therefore interesting. In Command Performance there is none of that. It's pretty much predictable to a tee. And that would not have been such a big deal had the action scenes been exhilarating. But they are not and mostly because of the shaky cam. When are people going to learn that shaky cam in action films often is bad idea. In order to enjoy or appreciate you have to be able to see all of the action. Then there is the strobe light which makes makes it even harder to see of what is going on. That is not cool or stylish Dolph! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that actor Dolph Lundgren also directs this film and that could offer an explanation why his main character Joe wasn't on screen that much or why he was not as hands on as he should have been. So much exposure was given to the villain and still he never managed to intrigue or be compelling. 

Most important flaw of this film is that it takes itself far too seriously. There are no redeeming factors whatsoever. Even for a Dolph Lundgren film (where you always have to keep your expectations in check) this one is quite bad. In short: Command Performance simply is no fun at all. Skip this one. 

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