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Review Hijack a.k.a. The Last Siege (1999): Die Hard on a train! / But Jeff Fahey is no Steven Seagal.

genre: action, thriller

Don't get me wrong. I like Jeff Fahey. I think he is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. But he rarely got to show his talent. So unfortunately he is or was destined to star in B movie films that will hardly impress you. And yes sadly this film is one of them.

The biggest problem with Fahey's character is that he is supposed to be this very capable but gung ho federal (ATF) agent. Only he really never manages to convince of us this. And honestly I don't really blame Jeff Fahey. He obviously is just following the script and director Worth Keeter. Keeter is clearly out of his depth and has no idea to make a movie like this. There are many moments in the film that defy logic. At one point Lyman (Jeff Fahey) has taken out / killed one of the hostage takers. After this he advances the train until he hears another one coming. He hides in the bathroom (which is a freaking huge one BTW) but does not get discovered. Now maybe it is the fact that I am a Splinter Cell veteran and that the Sam Fisher instincts kicked in but I would have seized the opportunity and would have attempted to disable the guy quietly. Not Lyman. After seeing the henchman going in the back he decides to ignore him and advance. Seriously what was he thinking? Doesn't he realize that this henchman eventually will come back? Why not take care of him in the back so that there is one less bad guy to worry about? Before this Lyman was caught by surprise when trying to reach the ATF. In this case I was willing to overlook this mistake since that is what happens in movies 98 percent of the time so why would this be any different? But to overlook this a second time is asking too much. I kid you not he makes the same exact mistake like he totally forgot about the henchman that had passed him. Bringing a whole world of trouble on to himself and the remaining hostages. After such goofiness I could not bring myself to liking this film. Not that I missed a lot. Things happen like you expect them too and doesn't offer a hint of entertainment or fun.

Another Die Hard clone that takes itself far too seriously but never offers something fresh or good to make it worth your while. Don't bother watching this one.

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