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Review Eddie the Eagle (2016): One of the best feel good movies ever! If this doesn't inspire you then nothing will!

genre:  comedy, drama. sports, feel good

Ever since I heard about this film and how it was being compared to Cool Runnings I wanted to watch it. So when it hit the theaters I went to the first showing available. Which is some weeks ago but only now got the chance to write the review. But trust me if I say that I wanted to spread the word as soon as I came out of the cinema.

Eddie the Eagle is a truly beautiful film that shows us how far you can go with will and determination. No matter how many people say to you it can't happen or you don't have what it takes. Never give up! And in large part I agree with this. If you have a dream you should do whatever is in your power to achieve it. At least try. Always try. Main character Eddie Edwards (played by Taron Egerton who you might know from Kingsman: The Secret Service) does exactly this despite the odds that were against him. What is even more incredible that Eddie isn't a fictional character. Although his real name is Michael Edwards. Fun fact: While the real Eddie is a fan of the film, he said that "only about 5%" of Eddie the Eagle is a true story. -BBC News. More about the differences between movie and real story in following article: The real Eddie the Eagle.

Even if only 5 percent of the story is true it doesn't detract from the viewing experience one bit. Had this story been fully fictional I still would have felt inspired by it. Because the message of the film will strike you right in the heart. And of course Taron's acting has a lot to do with that. If I have not said in the review of Kingsman then I will say it now. Taron Egerton is one hell of an actor. He has shown us with this role that he basically can play anything he like. So keep it coming Taron. He also had some great chemistry with Hugh Jackman. But let's face it who wouldn't? Hugh is always good. But I will also have to mention the direction. Dexter Fletcher has managed to mix up drama and comedy very effectively without it ever getting too heavy. That is quite remarkable because it is very easy to go over the top and yet Eddie the Eagle tries very hard to avoid being melodramatic. And yet you will laugh and cry since there is no escaping the power of the beautiful message. Does it really matter that this story has been told many times already? That you can predict every step in the film? No! Since this is a story I never get tired off. And it is told exquisitely. 

Eddie the Eagle is a compelling watch through and through and is one of the most fun and entertaining films I have seen in a while. You owe it to yourself to watch this one and I will promise you that you will feel very good at the end and long after. (Just writing this review weeks later makes me feel good and makes me want to watch the film again.)

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