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Review Lucifer Season 1 (2015 - ): Lucifer has improved considerably especially compared to earlier episodes but it still has a long way to go!

genre: crime, fantasy, comic book adaptation

The pilot was not as impressive as it could have been. Since it did a terrible job of introducing Lucifer to us. He is the exact opposite of how we perceive the devil. Partly this can be explained since this version is based on the character from the DC Comics. Apparently he is a little less menacing and powerful and more into debauchery and embracing passion. In this case being the owner of a nightclub zipping martini's and having sex with many women and men. Yep, not the devil you know. 

One thing that bugs me about adaptations in general is how they often downplay the supernatural powers of comic book characters.  This of course could be due to having a strict budget or that they feel they have to keep it relatable. And that does not make sense to me since most of the appeal for comics about super heroes and supernatural creatures are the extraordinary powers. Another issue I have is the fact that some of these shows feel the need to incorporate cop drama elements. Lucifer suffers from both these issues initially. Luckily the show has improved considerably. It's less about solving the crime of the week and more about Lucifer finding his way back to his father, God. The Lucifer based story lines are so much better than the done to death criminal cases. But mostly because Tom Ellis makes it more interesting. He adds charm, wit and sophistication to Lucifer. I dare to say that if it weren't for him this show would have not worked. Ellis has great chemistry with the majority of the cast but especially with Lauren German and D.B. Woodside. Their interactions provide the most fun. Although Ellis does a good job of stealing every scene he is in. Despite this you will have to endure some painfully average crime solving which they will let go of gradually when they starting to focus on who Lucifer actually is. It does take a while for Lucifer to shows glimpses of true self but for me was worth the wait. 

The last few episodes of this season were much more to my liking and if they keep on like this we could have the show people have been wanting in the first place. Still they will need to up the ante a little more and show us much more about Lucifer's past and who he truly is. How about some flashbacks? Or Lucifer as angel. Or him doing his thing in hell. And for god sake make him a little more powerful because seriously this has to be the weakest devil ever. (This makes me miss shows like Brimstone and Reaper where the devil was an omnipotent being letting his minions do his bidding.) But for now I am looking forward to season 2.

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