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Review Coweb a.k.a.Ninja Masters a.k.a. Zhang wu shuang (2009): Watch it for Luxia. Then forget that you ever saw it.

genre: action, martial arts

There is no doubt that Luxia Jiang is skilled in martial arts. If this movie intended to show us that fact than it has served it's purpose nicely. Too bad that as a viewer I demand much more. Movies like this should contain exciting fight scenes. While there were nice moments that made me admire Luxia I had real trouble in watching these fight sequences. For some reason it was very hard to keep watching. The editing was sloppy to say the least and the background music ruined almost every scene that it was used in. Now I can understand that most of this can be blamed on the director's inexperience. But wasn't there anybody involved who could have told him that he was doing a bad job. And did everything had to be so serious. This movie could have used some comic relief. I also want to add something about a comment made by one of the reviewers on imdb.com regarding this film. This guy commented that this movie delivered on what Hong Kong golden age directors failed to do with their female talent. Even the worst movies in the girls of guns genre (Eighties and Nineties) pulled more punches than this one. And believe me I have seen a lot. (Just shows you that some people have no clue what they are talking about.) Coweb is filled with action and stunts. And I hate to say but in this case it is not a good thing. Because it gets very tiring to see Luxia doing the same kick over and over again without having it some effect on the guy/woman that gets kicked. There was this one fight where Luxia had to fight another woman which mostly consisted of these women spinning around without hitting each other once. Looked very silly to me. Talk about failing to use the female talent available!

Oh and if you were expecting ninja's. There are none. I wished marketing people would be more creative when advertising for these kinds of movies. Or at least used titles that actually referred to the content of the film instead of randomly making stuff up.

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