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Review Best of the Best II a.k.a. Best of the Best 2 (1993): Korean Tommy Lee is raised by Native Americans. Don't even try to make sense of that.

genre: martial arts, action

The direct sequel to the original Best of the Best as it turns out is the worst in the franchise. Prior to having watched it again I used to think differently. Maybe because I was younger and focusing more on the martial arts itself that I was more forgiving. Still if you compare this to the later films in the series this one comes a little short.

Now don't despair and panic. While this is the worst it still is top notch in the one element that matters. The martial arts. (Not exactly on par with the original or the other sequels but still good enough). And let's face it that is the main reason why anyone would check this out or not? I mean nobody would watch this for the story or acting. Am I right? What were they thinking when they suddenly made character Tommy Lee belong to a Native American family. This never gets explained. And why all of a sudden does Tommy Lee need training? Of course this is only done to emphasize how tough and fierce Brakus (played by Ralf Moeller) is. But surely there would have been less ridiculous way to do that. Because that is exactly how it comes across. Even more so since every actor take and play everything so seriously. It just does not work and does not make any sense. Then again who cares? Seeing Philip Rhee in action is all the reason we need. It is a true joy to see him do his thing. Does it really matter that he needed to get in touch with his Native American roots? Despite him being Korean? No, it doesn't. And what about gladiator Ralf Moeller as the main villain? Yeah, that one is hard to swallow especially since Wayne Newton outclasses him in every way without even trying. He obviously is having fun and perhaps is the only one in the whole film who is. (What the hell did he do to his face? The man looks awful.) We could argue Christopher Penn was having fun but something tells me he was quite annoyed his role being cut short. He is one of the best things about the original and had he been given a chance he would be again. Or maybe he did not want to part of it. If anybody knows please inform me. I am curious about those things. Eric Roberts sadly is wasted and only seems to be part of it because of the original. His part in it almost borders to pathetic. Real shame if you ask me.

This one should solely be watched for both Philip Rhee and Simon Rhee (very briefly) kicking ass and nothing else.

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