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Mr. Right (2015): OUCH, How can this be? RZA portrays the funniest character in this film? Say it ain't true?

genre: action, crime, romance, romance?

How can you screw up a film with a cast like this? You have actors like Sam Rockwell, Tim Roth and Anna Kendrick. Both Sam and Tim can play whatever they want and can be funny as hell. Only somehow in this film they fail to be. 

Two culprits of that crime. Inexperienced director Paco Cabezas and the script. What were they thinking? It seems like that most of the actors felt like they were starring in this super hilarious comedy with one comedic event after another. But those events never occur. Only the bits with RZA were funny. (And I really don't like the guy. As an actor I mean. So it is real hard to admit this.) Everything else felt fake and forced. This especially applies to Anna Kendrick who has regressed acting wise considerably compared to her role for example in Up in the Air. I haven't seen much of her movies she did in between those and maybe that's for the best. You know I could have lived with the lack of laughs considering they were aiming for romance. Still that never fleshed out fully since Anna and Sam have zero chemistry. They are not believable as a couple and yet every event that happens is tied to them. On paper it must have come off as a funny premise where this woman who has had real bad luck with her partners and where the one she truly falls in love with turns out to be the worst of all. If only it had been executed better. Don't even get me started on the subplot with Tim Roth. He is completely wasted. Roth is trying very hard but he is let down by the director big time. Paco Cabezas doesn't know how to tell a story properly. His characters even when supposed to never connect. Which is downright weird in a romantic comedy. I lost interest only five minutes in. And I never regained it. The action is adequate I guess. But there is not enough of it to keep action lovers happy. So what is there to enjoy?

Nothing people. Absolutely nothing. Honestly, do yourself a favour and skip this film in it's entirety. It is incredibly poor and bad (and not in a good way). 

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