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Review Allegiant (2016): Flawed but solid part in the franchise!

genre: action, adventure, science fiction

The continuation of The Divergent Series with what I believed was going to be the last in the franchise only to discover they split it in two so there still is one left. Which honestly I am fine with even when Allegiant was a little slow and messy.

Allegiant for the most part is a solid sequel but it does suffer a little from characters acting more stupidly this time. Like for example main character Tris (played by Shailene Woodley). The strong level headed woman suddenly has become very naive and trusting of David (Jeff Daniels) who claims to want to do good but obviously has other intentions. She even ignores and defies the warnings of boyfriend Four (Theo James) who has been there for her every step of the way 24/7. I know they are trying to spice up things for drama sake but that just annoyed the hell out of me. I did like how one character changed his tune and stepped up and redeemed himself. And then there is that one character (you know who) who is only loyal to himself. Miles Teller clearly his enjoying his role as Peter and is one of my favourite characters. He is predictable in being unpredictable that he becomes a real joy to watch. Naomi Watts as Evelyn got on my nerves. If there ever was an unbalanced character it's her. She is supposedly clever and calculating while she is completely blinded by her ambition and her ignorance.

Luckily for the viewers the shortcomings of the characters are compensated with action and spectacle. Like in previous films it's wonderful. Very well choreographed and good looking special effects. This last entry shows a little more of the world the characters are residing in and for the first time you come to the realization how fantastic and futuristic this world is. I was beginning to understand why certain people felt the need to do things differently. Still it is quite a leap from the previous parts so it's understandable that some viewers might not buy it.

Ignore the haters and naysayers. While Allegiant certainly is much more flawed as a standalone it still is a pretty good entry in the franchise. Action and spectacle wise it kicks ass. Only story wise it is a little lacking. But that was too be expected when they decided to split the film in two. I truly wished they would stop doing that unless they actually have material to back it up. We will see soon enough. But for now this is a title I can happily recommend. If you liked the first two in the franchise you will like this one as well.

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