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Review I am Wrath (2016): John Travolta goes Charlie Bronson and fails completely!

genre: action, crime

You know sometimes I really miss the Eighties and the Nineties a lot. Say what you want about those decades at least they still produced a lot of B action flicks that were fun. Nowadays you really have to look hard for them. Hence why I am stuck watching all those crappy B flicks hoping to find those rare gems. Let me tell you straight.  I am Wrath is no fun at all. At least not in the way it should be.

The first twenty minutes or so this film is quite serious. I actually believed the sincerity of Travolta's despair and sadness. However soon after the film takes a turn that demands of you to roll with it but you simply can't because Travolta fails to sell it. Luckily for us he is paired up with Christopher Meloni who is clearly enjoying himself. And he is badass no question about it. Only problem is that he is confused and thinks he is starring in some comedic buddy movie. A couple of times he even manages to pull Travolta in that movie which gives off a completely wrong vibe. The man's wife just died and he should be devastated because of that. He also should be very angry. This is where Travolta loses me completely. He is too calm, composed and too sane. Naturally you could make a case that because of his black ops training (yeah, didn't see that coming did you?) he knows how to keep his nerves in check. If this guy is so hard boiled why did he let himself get overwhelmed without putting up a real fight in the introduction? I mean damn, he went down real fast. Any way I had hoped that an actor of his caliber was able to show the appropriate emotions when dealing with the hoodlums responsible for his wife's death. None of that. He handles them like they are simple thugs and nothing more. He has some nerve to be calling himself Wrath. More like Kitty on a bad hair day. Speaking of. What was up with his hair? Was that even real? The overall tone also is a major let down. How can you go from super serious to light comedy? Only a few good directors can pull that off without hurting the film. Chuck Russel is not one of them.

I am wrath is not a gritty revenge action thriller putting you on the edge while our hero dishes out some deserved punishment. Nope, it's more like an attempt to make another vigilante movie featuring John Travolta who is all kinds of wrong for that kind of role. I wouldn't waste your time with this one. 

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